I took a step back from writing about the Wu Flu for a few weeks because there were so many people already writing what I was thinking. But now the country and the world around us are spiraling downward into panic, and officials are feeding us fear porn recklessly. It’s time to sift the information, to try to find some clarity. My all-time favorite word is “perspective,” and that is what seems to be missing right now. That, and honesty from the “top” levels of our government and our media.

I’m not a medical professional. Just an observant senior citizen who cares about my own health and that of those around me. I read and watch multiple sources of information daily because as a grandparent, I’m concerned for my kids and my little grandkids, as well as my own well-being. The following are my observations.

Let’s start with this mostly unacknowledged problem: the vaccinated have had the rug pulled right out from under their feet. They were secure in the knowledge that they did the right thing. They dutifully rolled up their sleeves, problem solved, COVID could no longer touch them. Oops!

Cue the needle screeching across the record, painfully. (Sorry, youngsters, if that’s not an image that makes you cringe as it does us old-timers.) Now the vaccinated are aware that there is no truth to the bogus “fact” that they would no longer be in any danger from COVID. The booster shot is being pushed, and pushed hard — but will it be any better than the first two ineffective shots? The fact that the “vaccine” is not a vaccine is becoming obvious. The fear is palpable. No matter how high they hastily build their wall against information contrary to the narrative, that wall is crumbling. Reports from other countries, and from our own hospital nurses, are that wards are filled with sick, vaccinated people.

There are ample reports that the vaccinated are in fact themselves spreading delta and therefore responsible for the variant’s mayhem. This may be because their infections are often symptom-free, due to the effects of the vaccine. Then there are the terrifying reports that the vaccinated have compromised their immune systems. Nobody wants to mention any of these possibilities, because they would interfere with the program to get everyone vaccinated. With good reason!

Why, then, is the government coming down on the unvaccinated so hard? What’s to be gained by the heavy-handed approach? New Yorkers, for instance, no longer have the freedom to live if they aren’t vaccinated. I can’t imagine (and I’m an ex-New Yorker, so I imagine the city quite well) what that would be like. I guess grocery and restaurant delivery would be the only options. You can’t live like that, not in a city that is a rabbit-warren of small apartments stacked on top of one another, next to one another. It’s a recipe for despair. Not only for the unvaccinated who have never had COVID but also for those who have had it and have a natural immunity to the virus, immunity that’s far better than the spike protein in the “vaccine” shots.

San Francisco is going in the same direction. Want to go to a restaurant or bar? Show your vaccination certificate. In the Bay Area, people are clearly terrified. They’ve started wearing their masks alone, in the car, once again. That’s a pretty strong indicator.

Those of us who decided not to get the shot are the lucky ones. If we get COVID, we’ll know, and if we’re smart, we will have arranged in advance to get treatment immediately. In Florida, Ron DeSantis is setting up clinics for monoclonal antibody infusions. They’re desperate to shut him down. Treating people for the infection in a forthright, obvious manner means it will no longer have the power to terrify us all into getting the lucrative jabs. We won’t all end up in the hospital; we won’t be dying. Between the antibody treatments, and ivermectin, and its cohort of zinc, Vitamin D, etc., the death toll from the virus should be demonstrably minuscule among the otherwise healthy.

I have to add my own honest feelings about this. I am not scared of getting the delta variant. From all accounts, it will confer great antibody protection from future infections. It’s not that bad in the healthy, and I’m healthy. I’ve arranged treatment if I get it. And I would be making my contribution to herd immunity. I also think if the kids get delta, it would be far better than subjecting them to the experimental, and likely harmful in the long term, “vaccine.” Especially since the vaccine has killed 9,000+ Americans and injured countless others with myocarditis, Guillain-Barré syndrome, and potentially (we just don’t really know yet!) more. My opinion: Take off the masks, mingle freely, celebrate life. End the fear porn’s power over all of us. It’s time.

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