An angry Pennsylvania dad received massive applause after he destroyed school board members who were attempting to stifle parents’ free speech. The angry dad is one of the most enthusiastic critics among a host of furious parents across the country being filmed challenging school boards instituting Critical Race Theory teachings.

‘If you don’t like living in the United States of America then you can all move Russia, Cuba or China. This is the First Amendment.’

During the epic confrontation of the Pennsbury School District (Pennsylvania) school board, the dad tore into board members who he claimed were violating parents’ rights to freely debate the issues.

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“I’m quoting to you now from the US Supreme Court 1964 case New York Times v Sullivan. This is constitutional case law in this country and I’m quoting you from the US Supreme Court. The judges wrote that this nation is founded on the ‘profound national commitment to the principle that debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide open, and that it may well include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials.’ That’s constitutional case law in this nation. I don’t have to be nice to you. Nobody behind me has to be nice to you. If you don’t like living in the United States of America then you can all move Russia, Cuba or China. This is the First Amendment. And I will caution you solicitor, there is a video camera to my left. If you edit this tape, then you’re going to have a big legal problem on your hands, because my right to critique your fascism, which is what this is, is constitutionally protected. There is public record emails in which the director of equity is lobbying for public comment to be censored in this school district, lobbying for it, advocating for it. We’ve got the school board president saying she’ll do better at hitting the mute button, in blatant violation of the constitution for her lobbying and her advocacy of unconstitutional censorship, I want you the school board to terminate the employment of Dr. Cherrissa Gibson with immediate effect. And after you’ve terminated her employment, I want all of you to tender your resignations for hating on this country. We have a God-given constitutional right to critique you and we can speak in any lawful tone that we see fit.

The man goes on to again threaten board members with legal ramifications should they edit his speech. The man goes on to call out the district’s recent appointment of an equity, diversification, and education director, calling on them to terminate her employment.

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  1. Every armed services veteran should be 1000% behind this man, for each of us swore to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic – with our lives if necessary.

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