They keep asking that dumb question… Why are you “vaccine-hesitant?”

First, let’s be crystal clear … I’m not “hesitant.” That’s like saying I’m hesitant to jump off a cliff.


1. I don’t take injections for anything that my own immune system is beating at a 99.9294% rate. Why in the world would I take something that is reportedly 95% effective at maybe only lessening symptoms? It doesn’t even stop the virus, which is why you are seeing all these “breakthrough cases.” My body, which God designed, crushes anything this idiot government and Big Pharma can come up with.

2. If I do get really sick from this virus, I have access to THREE proven, lifesaving, FDA-approved drugs that are truly safe and effective and have been on the market for decades: hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and budesonide.

SIDE NOTE: Fauci and his team really lost my trust when they suppressed doctors with actual solutions, like the drugs listed above, and temporarily suspended authorization for the Johnson & Johnson injection, but not the Pfizer/Moderna jabs, which they own. At that point, I concluded that our Government Institutes of Health were running a vaccine-marketing scheme and were eliminating the competition…by defaming effective drugs and doctors, thereby effectively sentencing sick people to death.

3. VAERS data released 7/23/21 by the CDC showed 491,218 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 11,405 deaths and 48,385 serious injuries between December 14, 2020, and July 16, 2021. To put it bluntly, I just don’t feel like dying for Big Pharma.

4. I always knew in my gut that masks were a joke. A way of scaring people into thinking that they had something to fear and forcing their compliance. I’ve never been into “group think.” And I’m shocked that a year and a half later anyone is still swallowing this horse crap. If you really want a mask that works against viruses… you’re going to have to wear this:

5. If those answers do not satisfy you and you still feel the need to come after me with the stick, let me tell you a really, REALLY big reason I’m not taking your stupid jab:


The Government, Fauci, Gates, Soros, Obama, Biden, Hillary, and the rest of the corrupt cabal have zero credibility. I. Don’t. Trust. Them! Again, not hesitant. I absolutely think all of you are evil.

This idea that you have the right to be mean, or to force me, or bully me because I choose not to participate in your outright stupidity…well, my Leftist friend (or Alabama Governor), that makes you intolerant.

If you are currently trying to force people to take this deadly jab because you don’t like that they have a different opinion or “lifestyle choice” than you, then you are intolerant. You are politically incorrect. You are GroupThink. You are judgy. You don’t believe in My Body, My Choice. You don’t believe in choice at all. But you do believe in dominance, no free thought, tyranny, censorship, Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Big Government.

I choose to make my own decisions. I choose Freedom. And just like your lame “vaccine,” there’s no stick strong enough to beat freedom out of me.

Choose Medical Freedom.

And for Pete’s sake, take off the mask. You look ridiculous.

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