The lies by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Dr. Fauci on myocarditis risk and COVID-19 Delta variants. How many lies can one press release contain?

Opinion by Paul Elias Alexander, PhD

We know that lockdownsschool closures, and mask mandate policies have made no sense whatsoever (particularly the prolonged restrictions) and as a consequence of their implementation, societal devastation has occurred and is still occurring and the impact on children’s health and well-being has yet to be examined in toto. We know of the devastating harms and costs due to lockdowns. The crushing harms are amplified and thus even more dramatic on women, children, and the poorer members of society. The lockdowns and school closures served to benefit the ‘laptop’ caffe latte upper crust of societies and worked to devastate the poorer ‘working class’.

But these failed pandemic policies are not the focus of this op-ed. By now we have written about this ad nauseam. The core thesis in this offering surrounds the vaccination of children. We remain very concerned for nearly all children under 20 years of age, the risks from getting COVID-19 are extraordinarily small and for children, the risk is basically near zero in this population (statistical zero)— it is the closest to zero we can get — the cost-benefit argument against using an essentially untested vaccine is heavily in favor of risk and virtually no benefit. We can find no benefit, and especially when we refer to children less than 12 years of age. The potential risk of unknown and serious side effects from the brand-new and barely tested vaccines are — in truth — completely unknown.  That’s because it is almost unheard of for a vaccine to be released to the public this quickly.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the vaccine.

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