People continue to ignore science.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, key pieces of medical guidance from the World Health Organization have proven to be disastrously false — false enough to cost lives. It was the WHO, you’ll remember, that told us COVID couldn’t be transmitted between people, even as the virus was spreading into the United States. It was the WHO that worked in stealth with the Chinese government to obscure the source of the outbreak at the beginning, and then hide its origins from the world. We’re not attacking the WHO. Those are statements of fact. You’d think. they’d be disqualifying. Just the opposite. For more than a year, the tech monopolies of Silicon Valley have used the World Health Organization’s official statements to determine what American news consumers are allowed to know — and what they should be prohibited from knowing — about COVID. Facebook even announced a formal partnership with the WHO to “bring up to date and accurate information to billions of people.”


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