Watch this on Rumble because Facebook and Youtube censors the truth!

Incredible. Outrageous. Our Govt is categorizing Christians, Patriots, and Trump supporters as white supremacists at the same time as the authorities support BLM and Antifa. What has happened to this country?

What has happened exactly to the hundreds of people who were involved on January 6th, some of whom broke into the Capitol Building, some of whom were on the Capitol Building steps, some of whom were on the Capitol building grounds? Not the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands who came spontaneously that day, to protest the election, and to support Donald Trump, but the others. What has happened to them?  We are supposed to be a Republic. We are supposed to be a free country. We have a constitutional system. We have due process.  Take a look at the Constitution. We don’t have secret trials in this country, and yet, what has happened to these people? We get little spurts of information here and there from the two or three independent reporters, none of whom are associated with Big Media or Big Tech who have bothered to look into this.

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