Washington state Democrats who were in attendance at the Seattle Pride Parade have remained silent on whether they condone the nude cyclists whose participation in the public parade sparked intense backlash online.

Seattle Pride’s parade over the weekend sparked backlash over the inclusion of a fleet of nude male cyclists, whose genitalia was on full display to attendees, including families with children. 


Several of the naked bike riders went to wash off at a fountain in town where children were among those playing in the water.

Several Democrats from the Evergreen State marched in Seattle’s parade, including progressive Rep. Pramila Jayapal who said it is one of her “favorite events of the year.”

“Seattle friends – I’ll be marching in the 49th annual Seattle Pride Parade on June 25th and I hope you’ll join me!” Jayapal tweeted earlier this month. “This is one of my favorite events of the year, so you can bet my team and I will be there loud and proud!”

Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell also marched in the Seattle Pride parade, writing on Twitter that it “was great to feel the love, energy, and sunshine at today’s #Pride parade with [city of Seattle] employees!”

“Our diversity makes us stronger, which is why we must send a clear message to our LGBTQIA+ community today and every day: we see you, we support you, and you belong here,” Harrell wrote.

Additionally, Washington state Representative Darya Farivar, a Democrat, was also in attendance at Saturday’s parade.

Fox News Digital reached out to the Democrats’ offices asking for comment on the group of nude cyclists exposing their genitalia in front of young children, and asking if the lawmakers believed this was appropriate behavior for participants in an event attended by families.

None of the offices, nor the Seattle Pride Parade, responded to Fox News Digital.

Pride parades have become increasingly controversial this year as several of the events in Democrat-run cities have seen lewd behavior and graphic depictions of sex acts in the presence of children.

On Saturday in Minneapolis, a Pride marcher dressed only in his underwear twerked in front of several children along the parade route.

Earlier this month, a Los Angeles Pride parade billed as fun for “the whole family” caused a stir online after graphic videos from the parade were shared on social media.

West Hollywood had a three-day “WeHo Pride” event last weekend featuring concerts, a street fair, a “Women’s Freedom Festival,” and a “dyke march.” The event ended with a “WeHo Pride Parade” on Sunday, which was billed as appropriate for the entire family. 

“The WeHo Pride Parade will step off at noon on Sunday, June 4th along Santa Monica Blvd. from Crescent Heights to San Vicente and is a colorful and entertaining event for the whole family. Last year’s parade drew out tens of thousands of spectators to the streets of West Hollywood!” the website states.

On Twitter, feminist outlet Reduxx shared one graphic video from the parade where a nearly nude man was choked and whipped by another man in bondage gear.

“Two men performed a sex act in public as BDSM flags were displayed during the ‘family friendly’ West Hollywood Pride Parade yesterday. A witness to the ‘float’ informed Reduxx that there were children in attendance,” the outlet tweeted.

A journalist who shared their video from the event with the outlet said there were thousands of people lined in the streets and children were present.

“Tons of kids were present — thousands of people, including families, lined both sides of the public boulevard, yelling & cheering. Sunny Sunday afternoon. No gatekeeping possible,” Belissa Cohen wrote.

Fox News Digital’s Kristine Parks contributed reporting.

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