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To no one’s surprise, the White House is now calling for state control of social media sites. This is something the national press was indeed agitating for from Biden’s first day in office. This is suggested under the pretext of “combatting disinformation,” a euphemism everyone has learned means replacing information people are interested in with propaganda.

Enabling the distribution of information and protecting the future of learning are becoming essential issues for inquiring minds across all industries to explore. Government censorship czars eager to control the internet are in the company of universities who award tenure and prestigious posts to the likes of discredited ideology peddlers such as Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ibram Kendi, meaning the public is turning to opportunities outside of the sterile and repressive mainstream to inform and educate themselves.

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A Better Alternative

YouTube, which rose to dominance by allowing independent, unknown creators to reach an eager and curious audience, has fundamentally changed. It is now a corporate regime of unappealing censorship and nightmarish “suggested content” algorithms. YouTube remains the dominant video platform, but its slogan, which invites you to “Broadcast Yourself,” does not apply universally. If your voice challenges the prevailing orthodoxy, or if your world is shaped by people and places outside of Silicon Valley, anything you create or consume may not survive the next purge.

Two alternatives to YouTube attract new viewers. Rumble, founded in 2013, has grown rapidly as the platform of choice for prominent conservative commentators, influencers, and politicians. Former President Trump joined the platform last month, and Steve Bannon hosts his popular War Room show on Rumble after being banned from YouTube.

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