Trump files a class-action lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter and Google for censoring him, demands an end to Big Tech’s ‘silencing and blacklisting’ of conservative voices and calls for punitive damages for ‘cancel culture’ victims

  • Trump launched a legal battle against social media giants at his Bedminster club
  • He demanded punitive damages up to ‘trillions’ of dollars from Facebook, Twitter, and Google   
  • The former president is still banned from platforms because of his Capitol riot posts 
  • He said his removal from the platforms is that big tech is ‘out of control’ 
  • Trump claimed posts that got him banned were innocuous, while terror groups like Hamas still have websites
  • His move is backed by the America First Policy Institute, which is made up of Trump administration staff
  • Will allow him to sue Zuckerberg and Dorsey on behalf of social media users who say they have been ‘silenced’ 
  • Ex-White House official Brooke Rollins said elites saw the First Amendment as an obstacle to their ambitions

Former President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday he was launching a class-action lawsuit against Facebook CEO Mark ZuckerbergTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai on behalf of victims of ‘cancel culture.’ He demanded the end of ‘shadow banning,’ and ‘blacklisting’ as he stood in the blazing sun, using his Bedminster golf course clubhouse as a backdrop.  ‘In addition, we are asking the court to impose punitive damages on these social media giants,’ he said.  ‘We’re going to hold big tech very accountable.’

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