White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed during a recent briefing that President Joe Biden has “said from the beginning that he would negotiate with Republicans on a budget just like it has been done every year.”

But according to a series of clips compiled by RNC Research (@RNCResearch), Jean-Pierre has spent weeks — if not months – saying the exact opposite and promising that Biden would not negotiate on the debt ceiling.


Karine Jean-Pierre spent months flatly denying Biden would negotiate with Republicanspic.twitter.com/aYEGCqp6tK

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) May 30, 2023


In the series of clips, compiled over months of daily White House press briefings, Jean-Pierre could be heard saying things like:

February 2, 2023: “We don’t see any negotiation here. We don’t see anything that needs to be discussed.”
February 10, 2023: “It’s pretty simple and it’s pretty straightforward, we believe that Congress has a constitutional duty to get this done.”
February 16, 2023: “The president’s stance on negotiations stands, right, which is that he does not believe as it relates to the debt ceiling, that we should be negotiating.”
March 2, 2023: “We’ve been very clear: we’re not going to negotiate on the debt ceiling.”
March 6, 2023: “We never came to the table to negotiate on the debt ceiling. That was not something that occurred, that is not something that’s happening, we’ve been very clear we’re not negotiating around the debt ceiling.”
March 29, 2023: “When you think about the debt limit, it is not negotiable.”
March 30, 2023: “We should not be negotiating on the debt ceiling.”
April 5, 2023: “There’s no negotiation that we will be having.”
April 6, 2023: “The debt ceiling, it should be done without negotiation.”
April 19, 2023: “There should be no negotiation, this should be done without conditions.”
April 20, 2023: “We should not have to negotiate on this.”
April 24, 2023: “Look, we’ve been very clear: we’re not going to negotiate.”
April 25, 2023: “We’re just not going to negotiate on that.”
April 27, 2023: “The president said yesterday he’s happy to meet with Speaker McCarthy, but not on whether or not the debt limit gets extended. That is not negotiable and we have been very clear about this.”
May 1, 2023: “The president said, he’s happy to meet with McCarthy, but not on whether the debt limit gets extended. That’s not negotiable.”
May 2, 2023: “He is not going to negotiate on the debt ceiling. We’ve been very clear, that is not going to change.”
May 8, 2023: “I mean, we’ve been very clear. There shouldn’t be negotiations.”
May 9, 2023: “This is not negotiable.”
May 12, 2023: “We are not going to negotiate.”
May 16, 2023: “There’s no negotiating around the debt limit.”

McCarthy and Biden have come to a tentative agreement, but a number of House Republicans have already said that they plan to oppose the deal, saying that it does not do enough to curtail spending.

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