Pennsylvania state troopers initiated a manhunt Sunday for former “Jackass” star Brandon “Bam” Margera after he allegedly attacked his brother and threatened to kill him and several others, including their father, according to police.   

Margera, 43, who also starred in his own MTV series dubbed “Viva La Bam,” faces six misdemeanor charges, including one charge of simple assault, one charge of harassment, and four charges of terroristic threats “with intention to terrorize another” a criminal complaint reads. 

Around 11:00 a.m., state troopers responded to a domestic disturbance at Margera’s $ 1.1 million Pocopson Township home, called “Castle Bam,” in Chester County after the “Jackass” personality allegedly had gotten into an altercation with his brother, Jesse Margera, three hours earlier. According to the complaint, Bam pounded and kicked his brother’s locked bedroom door and left a signed note threatening Jesse that read, “If you even f***ing think of calling the police on me I will officially f*** you up.” 

Jesse, 44, who plays drums for American punk band CKYtold police he eventually walked into the kitchen, where he found Bam urinating in the kitchen sink. The complaint alleges Bam started attacking Jesse in the face and body, leaving visible injuries on his face and right arm.

After the alleged altercation ended between the two brothers, Jesse told police that Bam threatened him, saying, “I’ll kill you. I’ll put a bullet in your head.” Bam allegedly threatened to “kill everyone in the house,” police wrote in the complaint, which included their father, Phillip Margera Jr., and two females.

When troopers arrived at the Margera home, authorities witnessed Bam fleeing the scene on foot toward the back of the property through a dense-wooded area. By the time several troopers had followed him into the woods, Bam had already disappeared.

Bam’s charges come amid a long history of legal problems and substance abuse issues, according to The Daily Mail. Recent charges include a “drunk in public” arrest, domestic violence, and a current lawsuit from a neighbor who claims Bam threatened him with brass knuckles.

His wife, Nikki Margera, reportedly filed for divorce in February of this year, alleging Bam was not sober during a visit to their 5-year-old son Phoenix. She told TMZ the visit “was scary . . .and even more scary for Phoenix” when their last visit “went reasonably well” just 24 hours earlier. 


Nikki requested legal and physical custody of their son but would allow supervised visitation with him in Los Angeles.

“This is the umpteenth time that Bam takes one step forward and ten steps back,” she said.

Pennsylvania State Police issued an arrest warrant for Bam and have asked the public to call 610-268-2022 for any help or information regarding his whereabouts as they continue searching for him.

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