Parents are facing the increasingly difficult decision of whether to send their children to college. Universities promise high-income jobs, social status, and knowledge. Perhaps they once reliably delivered on these promises, but for many students, they now fail to do so. No longer the golden ticket to lucrative careers, higher education instead chains ambitious young people to shockingly high levels of student debt and often to mediocre job prospects. While graduating from a prestigious school remains a powerful status symbol, how long can this last? Many universities, especially the most prestigious ones, substitute ideology and activism for education.

Starting your journey into the real world is a magical thing. You deserve better than being stuck in a classroom bored, racking up student debt, waiting to start your life, and hoping it will all pay off someday. So we designed an entirely new experience. A different experience. Based on a fresh perspective. It’s already helped hundreds of people build the skills and network they need to succeed in the real world—and it can do the same for you, too. And we’ve broken down what we believe here.

What are we to do? Trade schools, technical education, and the military remain compelling options (and they are all worth considering), but we encourage our readers to check out another alternative: Praxis.

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