What Sort of Events Qualify as Slip and Fall Accidents?

Anyone who has ever lost their footing and sustained an injury has experienced a slip and fall accident. Many accidents of this type are caused by circumstances outside of the control of the injured parties. Understanding what type of slip and fall accidents do qualify for legal action will make it easier to know when the injured party should seek help from a lawyer. Here are some examples to consider closely.

Incident at the Supermarket

During a typical trip to the supermarket, the customer turns into an aisle and slips on a wet floor. No warning signs were placed in front of the recently mopped space. The result is a shopping cart that keeps moving forward while the customer is now in a prone position on the floor. Unfortunately, the pain in the lower back will require immediate treatment and some physical therapy over the next few weeks. Someone will need to cover the costs of the medical care and possibly a few more expenses.

Accident at the Convenience Store

Owing to a hole in the awning over the main entrance, a puddle developed right in front of the door. As the customer prepared to enter the premises, a foot landed in the puddle and triggered a fall. The result was a bone-jarring landing on a concrete surface. Since the event took place due to the failure of the convenience store owner to repair or replace the damaged awning, a slip and fall lawyer is likely to say the owner was negligent and responsible for the injuries.

A Problem While Using Public Transport

Owing to a banana peel left in the aisle, the passenger ending up pitching forward and striking their head on a metal armrest. Along with the stitches and the exam to determine if a concussion was sustained, there will be some additional medical attention necessary in the weeks to come. Slip and fall injuries of this nature are sufficient to prompt a call to a local lawyer and seeking damages to cover the cost of the medical treatments.

Slip and fall accident lawyers understand that events of this type can do significant damage. If you have recently been involved in a similar event, contact the Law Office of Julie Johnson today. Together, it’s possible to evaluate the specifics of the situation, determine if filing a claim is possible, and use every legal means to seek a reasonable settlement.

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