We must protect our principles and defend our basic liberties by defeating these liberal bureaucrats.


Senator John McCain

As we prepare the battleground for 2014, we need patriots like you by our side now more than ever.

2014 will be an uphill battle, as we’re going up against the well-stocked Obama Machine that’s determined to take total control of Washington and continue to fundamentally transform America. We must protect our principles and defend our basic liberties by defeating these liberal bureaucrats. You and I know what makes America an exceptional nation. It’s not just a matter of who we are. It’s the record of what we’ve done.

We have stood and fought for freedom, opportunity and free enterprise. But sadly, under the reign of President Obama and Washington Liberals, these founding, fundamental American principles are under attack. That’s what’s at stake this election. That’s what we’re fighting for to defend. And that’s why it’s essential that you commit to our cause by contributing right now.

The RNC needs to raise millions of dollars to build their ground operation, enhance their engagement with voters in all communities, and arm the GOP grassroots army with critical data and technology. We must do the hard work now to get Republicans elected up and down the ballot who will fight for our commonsense, conservative policies and make our communities and our country stronger. Let’s band together to defeat Democrats and defend our principles in 2014.

Show you’re committed to helping secure GOP victories in 2014 — contribute $14 to the RNC end of year campaign.

Senator John McCain

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