Phil Berger Announces Candidacy for U.S. Congress

Phil Berger Jr For US Congress

Phil Berger Jr For US Congress

Eden, NC November 20, 2013 – Rockingham County District Attorney Phil Berger will announce his campaign for North Carolina’s 6th Congressional District.

Fighting for our values…without regard for the political cost

“As District Attorney I’ve proven that I’m not afraid to do the right thing, even if it’s the tougher path,” said Phil Berger. “Getting rid of Obamacare is the right thing. Obamacare needs to be gone, removed, repealed. It’s a fight worth fighting and I’m proud to take it on.”

Speaking before a packed crowd in a charter school in Reidsville, Berger said, “Obama told us if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Well Mr. President, we don’t like your plan and we’re not going to keep it.”

“For seven years, I’ve fought crime for Rockingham County. Now, I want to fight for our conservative values and represent our North Carolina values.”

“I believe that government spending and waste is out of control. We’ve borrowed over a trillion dollars from China to pay our debt,” said Berger. “I believe it’s time that we have an honest conversation with the American people about the limitations of a life dependent on government.”

About Phil Berger

Phil Berger, Jr. has worked everyday for the past seven years to protect his community as the District Attorney of Rockingham County. As one of North Carolina’s leading prosecutors, Phil Berger has kept his promise to uphold and defend the law, to stand up for victims and families and to prosecute criminals to the fullest extent of the law, instead of cutting deals.

Phil Berger and his wife Jodie, a public school teacher, have two sons, Philip III and Will.  Their commitment to faith and family has led Phil to be a leading voice for the North Carolina Marriage Protection Amendment. The family attends Osborne Baptist Church in Eden.

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