Lower Your Phone Costs and Make Life Easier for Customers and Employees

Hosted Telephone Service Saves MoneyNow your business can have all the benefits of a full-featured phone system like the ones Fortune 500 companies use – at an incredibly affordable price. Save on phone costs while you improve customer satisfaction and employee productivity with advanced features such as Voicemail-to-Email, Cell Phone Integration, and Call Groups. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, is a hosted PBX solution that brings an unmatched level of simplicity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness to your company communications.

How Hosted IP-PBX Helps With Business Continuity

Carolina Digital Phone Hosted IP SolutionsHosted IP PBX service or digital phone service can help with business continuity. When a major catastrophic event happens or equipment failure occurs, a business continuity plan must be in place. Often, traditional phone lines fail. When these phone lines fail, a digital phone may continue to work if the Internet is still operable. Even if one server fails with digital phone service, there is usually more than one server to ensure that phone lines are always available. Having both types of phone lines can aid with disaster recovery.