Breaking News: Hillary moving

The American people made a BIG statement on November 4.
But President Obama and Hillary Clinton aren’t listening.
News broke this week that Hillary is eyeing locations in upstate New York for a potential campaign headquarters and has begun vetting key campaign strategists for her 2016 race.
Voters may have rejected Obama’s and Hillary’s policies in 2014, but they both still believe they can take the White House again in 2016 and force a liberal agenda on America for even longer.
The Clintons aren’t taking a minute to breathe, and we can’t either if we want to keep Hillary out of the White House. We must have a well-stocked war chest and strong GOP support to take on – and defeat – the liberal Clinton machine.
We need to stop Hillary now, before her 2016 campaign is mobilized in full force.
Contribute today to stop Hillary Clinton.
Kirsten Kukowski
RNC Press Secretary

Obama wants to get “stuff done”

2014-logoLimited-Time Opportunity to Double Your Impact on Winning Back the Senate

President Obama went on television recently and talked about the importance of his Democrat voters turning out to vote in this important election. He said that this election matters so much, because they can “have two years where we can get a whole bunch of stuff done.” Do you want President Obama to have a U.S. Senate that will help him “get stuff done”? For the past six years, Obama and his Senate Democrats have limited our freedom, expanded big government, taken over our health care and raised taxes. He wants to get more of THAT stuff done. Republicans need to earn the votes of more Americans that will win us the six seats needed to take back the Senate. A Republican majority in the House and Senate will get the American people’s work done and put a stop Obama’s radical agenda. We have the momentum. Republicans hold a “7-percentage-point advantage in voter confidence in finding the right solutions to fix the country’s problems.” And we’re pulling ahead in the polls. Your online contribution today will be matched by a dedicated group of donors — every $24 you contribute will become $48 towards our cause. Contribute today and double your impact.

Sarah Isgur Flores
RNC Deputy Communications Director

What do you decide?

NRSCLast night’s Republican victory demonstrates our historic opportunity to win control of the Senate this year.  The American People are tired of the empty rhetoric and devastating policies of this Administration – it’s time to demand better.

We’ve recruited the best class of Senate candidates in a generation; but without the resources to fight back, Democrats will bury us in negative and misleading ads.  In a desperate bid to keep control, President Obama and his liberal allies have launched aggressive fundraising campaigns – make no mistake, their activists are stepping up.  Literally, as you read this email, thousands of liberals from across the country are making online donations.  This money adds up fast.  Last year, President Obama’s Organizing for Action, raised $26.3 million from more than 420,000 people.  This is $26.3 million they’ll spend on misleading and negative ads against our candidates.

The Democrats are doing everything they can to stay in power.  We have a real opportunity to win control of the Senate and put an end to Obama’s disastrous agenda – but we can only do it with your help.  We have a favorable election year.  We have the best lineup of Senate candidates in a generation.  We are building the most innovative, effective and efficient campaign organizations possible.  The only question left: will we have the resources we need to win?

Senate Republicans

National debt has doubled from $8.3 trillion to $16.7 trillion with the majority of that growth falling under Obama’s failed leadership

In 2006, then-Senator Obama voted against raising the debt ceiling saying “raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure.” Today, President Obama is calling on Republicans to do just that without any reforms to fix our nation’s addiction to spending. I’m sure President Obama is hoping you had forgotten his words from 2006. But we didn’t and neither should you. Since 2006, our national debt has doubled from $8.3 trillion to $16.7 trillion with the majority of that growth falling under President Obama’s failed leadership. Today, House Republicans are leading the fight to defeat ObamaCare, rein in runaway spending in Washington, and end the Democrat government shutdown. As conservatives, you and I know we can’t afford to continue down this reckless path. But President Obama and Congressional Democrats don’t want to listen to the truth, so they’re refusing to negotiate. It’s time to speak up. President Obama and Harry Reid can only ignore us if we let them.

Sign our petition today and tell House Republicans to continue to stand strong for our conservative principles.

Sara Armstrong
RNC Chief Operating Officer

Stand with Gabriel Gomez

NRSCWe don’t have to wait until 2014 for a major victor

In just three weeks, Republicans have a chance to take a huge step toward replacing Harry Reid with a Republican Senate Majority Leader.

The Massachusetts special election is right around the corner, and Gabriel Gomez needs our help.

Gomez is a business leader and a former Navy Seal who knows what it means to fight for our freedoms. Now he’s fought within inches of a major political upset that could have national implications — which is why liberals have pulled out all the stops.

Gomez is currently facing a massive onslaught of Democratic special interest money. Everyone from President Obama to Harry Reid to a host of Hollywood liberals have pitched in to help defeat Gomez. Now it’s time to fight back.

With a win, we have a chance to set the political tone heading into the 2014 Elections and create a Republican Majority in the U.S. Senate. Please contribute $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can to help us in the fight to take back the Senate.

Your secure contribution will be used to aid the National Republican Senate Committee in these efforts.

Together we can see to it that Gabriel Gomez is the first victory on our drive to a build a better Senate.

Proud to stand,

Marco Rubio