Appreciating the Services of a Criminal Defense Attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina

A person never knows when he or she might need the services of a criminal defense attorney. The crime doesn’t have to be obvious, like robbing a bank or shoplifting. It can be something that a person might not even consider as being a crime. For example, if a person is stopped by a law enforcement official and he or she is transporting prescription narcotics that belong to someone else, there could be a drug possession charge. Even though, the transport was innocent enough, the implications are not. It may take a criminal defense attorney to straighten it all out.

A criminal defense attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina helps clients who find themselves steeped in trouble with the authorities. Clients may or may not need an attorney for a lot of misdemeanors. They will surely need an attorney for more serious offenses, such as felonies. Felonies are usually situations that are life-altering and perhaps put the offender behind bars for the rest of his or her life. Felonies will make it hard for the offender to take advantage of rights normally afforded to citizens. For example, they may not purchase firearms or vote in the presidential election in some states.

When going through the criminal arrest situation, the wheels of justice can seem to be spinning out of control for the offender. A lot of information will be thrown at him or her. The offender will appreciate having a lawyer standing by him or her who is well-versed in the criminal laws of that particular state. That lawyer can help the client build a solid case that would otherwise turn into a disaster for him or her.

Powers McCartan, Attorneys at Law have been offering criminal defense for clients in the Charlotte, North Carolina area for many years. Their areas of practice include assault and battery charges, underage drinking charges, the possession of drug paraphernalia, murder and manslaughter, and embezzlement. Interested parties can call the lawyers for a free initial consultation. If any parties want more information about the lawyers and their areas of practice, they can visit the website at

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