Wood Can Be Cut With Laser Technology

Many types of woods can be cut, or engraved with laser machines. This cutting and engraving method is guided by computer programming so the design can be intricate or classically simple. Computer guidance is more exact than handheld and guided machinery. Boss laser equipment is available to create all kinds of designs in almost any kind of wood. Focused laser beams of light reach a high temperature, enabling them to precisely evaporate the wood in chosen areas creating designs.

What Kinds Of Wood Can Be Laser Cut?

The kinds of wood that work with laser technology include beechwood, poplar, veneers, maple, hickory, MDF, cherry, alder, and other fine woods. These woods can be made into toys, decorative items of many types, awards, signage, gifts, toy models, puzzles, maps, and wood inlays. The finished projects can also include Christmas decorations and artworks. The imagination is the only limit.

How Does Laser work On Wood?

A high temperature focused laser beam evaporates wood in chosen areas. The laser is directed by computer programs for accuracy. The cutting is accompanied by smoke escaping from the wood being processed. The focused laser beam does its work without exerting pressure on the wood so no clamping to work area is needed. The high processing speeds allow for a cleaner edge on the finished project. This saves processing time. CO2 powered lasers are able to cut or engrave with high detail and intricate designs. This process does not create wood chips and sawdust to clean up afterward so time is saved in post-production.

Benefits Of Laser Production

Laser cutting and engraving have benefits over older methods. The work is more precise and leaves little residue to clean up. Laser cutting is a speedy process that allows production to increase and more work to be completed each day. If a design needs changing, the changes are made in the design fed to the computer. A test piece can be produced before the regular run begins. This process lends itself to custom designs and small runs as well as large runs. This cuts down on defective and damaged production pieces. So, laser cutter wood projects can be more profitable. Check out the website for more information.