Titan Transline Tucking Goes The Extra Mile

Titan Transline is one of the fastest growing trucking companies in North America. With more than 50 terminals across the USA and in Canada, Titan Transline as some of the best refrigerated trucks and insures your goods are delivered on time, and in perfect condition. At titantransline.com, they understand perishable produce can become worthless if not delivered according to their designated temperatures.

As a occasional shipper of freight, we don’t have the time nor resources to check various pricing from one carrier to another. We found Titan Transline to be as competitive as all the larger carriers. What we did find is that Titan Transline was always on-time and we never found any damaged freight to our locations.  While Titan Transline was not listed in the top ten carriers in the United States we found their customer services was superior. We feel like we are dealing with a local company even though their dispatch center is many miles away.

On a recent shipment of 5 pallets from Texas to North Carolina the shipment was delivered 2 days ahead of schedule and we did not have a loading dock. The driver, with the help of our school staff agreed to help us break down the pallets and unload them to the parking lot of the school system.

After this first time experience we will always call Titan Transline first because of the driver attitude to our difficult situation. We of course had to stop for lunch and take him to our local BBQ restaurant for some good North Carolina Barbecue.