Obama wants to get “stuff done”

2014-logoLimited-Time Opportunity to Double Your Impact on Winning Back the Senate

President Obama went on television recently and talked about the importance of his Democrat voters turning out to vote in this important election. He said that this election matters so much, because they can “have two years where we can get a whole bunch of stuff done.” Do you want President Obama to have a U.S. Senate that will help him “get stuff done”? For the past six years, Obama and his Senate Democrats have limited our freedom, expanded big government, taken over our health care and raised taxes. He wants to get more of THAT stuff done. Republicans need to earn the votes of more Americans that will win us the six seats needed to take back the Senate. A Republican majority in the House and Senate will get the American people’s work done and put a stop Obama’s radical agenda. We have the momentum. Republicans hold a “7-percentage-point advantage in voter confidence in finding the right solutions to fix the country’s problems.” And we’re pulling ahead in the polls. Your online contribution today will be matched by a dedicated group of donors — every $24 you contribute will become $48 towards our cause. Contribute today and double your impact.

Sarah Isgur Flores
RNC Deputy Communications Director