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Buffalo Bills v Houston TexansI don’t know what your guilty pleasures are in life, but one of mine is socks.

I’m a self-proclaimed sock man. The louder, the brighter, the crazier the pattern — the better! It’s usually the first thing people notice I’m wearing whenever I’m out in public and that’s the way I like it.

So when Chairman Reince Priebus asked me to write to you on behalf of the Republican National Committee (RNC), I told him I’d be happy to do it. But on one condition: my letter to you had to involve socks.

I’m proud to say the RNC has commissioned a limited-edition pair of socks in my honor. Embroidered with the Republican elephant and my signature on them, they’re sure to get you noticed.

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Politics is about to destroy the internet

President Obama Makes Personnel AnnouncementThe internet as we know it in America is about to fundamentally change, and it’s because our politics are too broken to stop it.

On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Federal Communications Commission is about to issue new rules for internet service providers that will allow them to create “fast lanes” of service that will allow companies like Netflix and Amazon to deliver their content faster than competitors. That’s a first for American internet policy, and it’s strictly against the rules in other countries, particularly in Europe.

Allowing big companies to pay for prioritized access to consumers flies in the face of the internet’s egalitarian ideals, which allow anyone or any company free access to a vibrant market free of tolls or restrictions — allow service providers like Comcast and AT&T to start creating artificial barriers to entry, and you make it harder for the next generation of college kids to start the next Facebook or Google. As a whole, the various rules that protect these ideals are generally called net neutrality — they’re the rules that say your service provider has to treat all internet traffic equally, and shouldn’t be allowed to block, degrade, or enhance access to certain websites or services.

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University of North Carolina could even lose an additional $46 million due to ObamaCare

More than 473,000 North Carolinians have received health insurance cancellation letters because of ObamaCare. The University of North Carolina could even lose an additional $46 million due to ObamaCare. Yet your Senator, Kay Hagan, continues to proudly support the fundamentally flawed law, and she votes with President Obama 96% of the time. She has even lied 24 times to North Carolina families, telling Obama’s favorite lie, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.”. It’s tragic how little Senator Hagan cares about the people of North Carolina—the people she was elected to represent in Washington, D.C. Senator Kay Hagan’s loyalties lie instead with President Barack Obama. Clearly she is not up for the job she was sent to Washington to do, and this year you have the chance to elect a senator who will actively go to work for you. Kay Hagan’s time in Washington is quickly running out. Now it’s time to kick her out of the Senate so that you can gain a senator who represents the people of North Carolina and works hard for you and your family. Sign your name to join North Carolinians ready to kick out Senator Kay Hagan.

Kirsten Kukowski, RNC Press Secretary