What do you decide?

NRSCLast night’s Republican victory demonstrates our historic opportunity to win control of the Senate this year.  The American People are tired of the empty rhetoric and devastating policies of this Administration – it’s time to demand better.

We’ve recruited the best class of Senate candidates in a generation; but without the resources to fight back, Democrats will bury us in negative and misleading ads.  In a desperate bid to keep control, President Obama and his liberal allies have launched aggressive fundraising campaigns – make no mistake, their activists are stepping up.  Literally, as you read this email, thousands of liberals from across the country are making online donations.  This money adds up fast.  Last year, President Obama’s Organizing for Action, raised $26.3 million from more than 420,000 people.  This is $26.3 million they’ll spend on misleading and negative ads against our candidates.

The Democrats are doing everything they can to stay in power.  We have a real opportunity to win control of the Senate and put an end to Obama’s disastrous agenda – but we can only do it with your help.  We have a favorable election year.  We have the best lineup of Senate candidates in a generation.  We are building the most innovative, effective and efficient campaign organizations possible.  The only question left: will we have the resources we need to win?

Senate Republicans