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From Congressman Tom Price, And the lies keep coming

The ObamaCare nightmare just keeps getting worse. We’ve learned more Americans in North Carolina have lost their health coverage due to ObamaCare than were able to sign up for the program nationwide. Obama knew millions would lose their health care under ObamaCare. He admitted it in a meeting in 2010, three weeks before he signed the law. Yet, he and his liberal co-conspirators in Congress continued to lie to the Americans people for more than three of years.

And the lies just keep coming. Just the other day Nancy Pelosi claimed 500,000 people signed up for ObamaCare- five times the actual number. It’s time for Nancy Pelosi and Obama to stop trying to cover up their lies with more lies, and finally admit what Republicans have known all along: ObamaCare is unworkable, unaffordable and unfair.
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Over 4.2 million Americans have received cancellation notices from their insurance companies

Every day across America, thousands of people are learning that Obama’s promise that “if you like your plan, you can keep it” was a lie. Over 4.2 million Americans have received cancellation notices from their insurance companies. That’s more than one person for every second that the ObamaCare exchanges have been online. Take a look at the map. In every state where information is available, more people are learning their plans will be cancelled than are finding new “Obama Approved” health insurance. Visit http://obamacosts.gop.com/act/state-by-state

President Obama’s on an apology tour – but the facts about ObamaCare are worse than he’ll admit. You and I know the truth: ObamaCare hurts more Americans than it helps. Over 4.2 million Americans have received cancellation notices from their insurers, while only 27,000 people have been able to enroll in the ObamaCare federal exchange.

Sad time in America

GOPIt’s a sad time in America when we can’t trust our president… the man we elected and entrusted to represent our best interests. As a mother and grandmother, this especially troubles me. I know all too well that the foundation of all relationships is honesty, trust and respect. Through President Obama’s repeated lies about ObamaCare, this foundation has been fractured. The trust bond has been broken. Obama’s relationship with you, the American people, has been ruined. The sad truth is: Obama knew all along that this is how his socialized health system was designed to work. I want you to know that your Republican Party is working hard to defeat ObamaCare. We’re committed to repairing the damage done by Obama. And we won’t stop fighting until the job is done.

Join our fight to defeat ObamaCare by defeating Democrats in 2014 – contribute $14.

Sharon Day, RNC Co-Chair

Americans will have cast their votes deciding whether conservatives keep control of the House and regain the Senate

It’s officially an election year. Exactly one year from today, Americans will have cast their votes deciding whether conservatives keep control of the House and regain the Senate. In 2012 we lost two of our most important races by less than 800 votes. In Utah’s 4th district, Democrat Jim Matheson won by 768 votes and in North Carolina’s 7th district, Democrat Mike McIntyre won by a mere 654 votes.

These are races we could have won, races where even $10 would have made a difference in.

We can’t let this happen again. Losing races like these again could mean Nancy Pelosi controls the House. Supporters of the NRCC’s Defeat Liberal Democrats Fund are the front line grassroots supporters in this battle. This fund leads the way when it comes to doing battle with Pelosi’s campaign machine.

Will you commit to this election year by contribution $10, $20 or even $40 today?

When a race is decided by 654 votes, every dollar really does count.

Thank you,
Rep. Greg Walden
NRCC Chairman (R-OR)